Sheriff To Make Fighting Crime Top Priority

ALBUQUERQUE: Sheriff Manny Gonzales officially today announced his candidacy for Mayor of Albuquerque.  In an announcement video, Gonzales described his deep Albuquerque roots and lifelong commitment to public service, beginning when he joined the Marine Corps right out of high school. He said he’s running for Mayor to make fighting crime a top priority, along with creating jobs and improving our quality of life. 


The announcement video can be viewed here:

Gonzales said Mayor Tim Keller has failed to live up to the promises he made when he was elected.


“Almost four years ago, Tim Keller ran for mayor promising to solve Albuquerque’s crime problem, add 400 officers, and to not make any excuses.  Unfortunately, he has failed – Albuquerque’s violent crime rate is nearly four times the national average and just last week we learned that the homicide rate is doubling,” said Gonzales. 


“If people believe Albuquerque is now a safe place, then they should vote for my opponent. But if they believe we must do more to fight crime, then I’m humbly asking for their support,” said Gonzales, adding,  “My opponent and I have a fundamental difference when it comes to fighting crime and running city government – I believe the Albuquerque police must be allowed to enforce our laws and keep our community safe, while my opponent is more concerned with political pandering.”


Gonzales says he’s a fiscal conservative who will be responsible with city tax dollars, “I believe city government must focus our tax dollars on basic services, like police, fire, roads, and projects that directly affect our quality of life.” 


On job creation, Gonzales pointed out his family has experience running a small business in Albuquerque, “My family saved up and opened a small business and I believe we must help these types of small mom and pop businesses grow, rather than siding with big corporations.”  


Gonzales said in the coming weeks and months he will be laying out his specific plans on crime, jobs, and a host of issues confronting city government. 


Gonzales intends to pursue public financing and those interested in supporting his campaign can visit his website at