It is a fallacy to believe that the cure for homelessness is to simply provide housing for those that are without. Manny understands that the issue is much more complex. While housing seems like an obvious solution to the issue, there is also the challenge of overcoming the original cause of their displacement and keeping them housed. 


  • The causes of homelessness range from: mental illness, substance abuse, trauma, domestic violence, and unemployment.  There is no one stop shop and each individual will have unique obstacles, as well as distinct solutions. 


  • Manny understands that those in crisis must be identified, and their needs categorized. As Mayor, he would work to provide screening, wrap-around services, and resources to address their situation. Whereas some of these individuals may need initial mental health or drug rehab services, others may simply need assistance with job placement or housing. 


  • Homelessness is an issue that affects the individual that is experiencing it, as well as business owners and citizens.  There is the balance of being sympathetic to the person’s circumstances, but also demanding accountability when crimes are committed.  There is no excuse for the homeless (or anyone else) to be immune to the consequences of their wrongdoings. Accountability must be a part of the equation and our community deserves it.


  • Manny will make sure that a tailored policy program will be identified and implemented based on a balanced approach as to what is best for the homeless and the community as a whole.