Julie Wright 
Former Bernalillo County 
Republican Party Chairman

"Manny Gonzales is a fiscal conservative and a tough-on-crime Sheriff who is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. As the former Chairwoman of the Bernalillo County Republican Party, I am convinced he's the best candidate to defeat Mayor Tim Keller and I enthusiastically endorse his campaign."   ~ Julie Wright 

Trudy Jones

"Sherriff Manny Gonzales is a strong fiscal conservative who will help us rein in wasteful government spending and ensure we focus government spending on basic services. Sherriff Gonzales will make fighting crime and homelessness a top priority. I enthusiastically endorse Manny Gonzales for Mayor."  -- Councilor Trudy Jones

Wayne Johnson
Former State Auditor &

Bernalillo County Commissioner 

"Sheriff Gonzales has spent his career keeping residents of Bernalillo County safe, even as crime in Albuquerque spiraled out of control. He's a strong leader who works with everyone who wants to make their community better and safer. I worked with Manny as a Bernalillo County Commissioner and am proud to endorse him for mayor." ~ Wayne Johnson 

Mike Geier
Retired APD Chief

"Albuquerque is dying! Crime is rampant, with homicides at an all time high. Traffic enforcement is non existent and the homeless and panhandlers have taken over the city. APO is understaffed with morale at an all time low. These facts clearly indicate that public safety is not a priority for the current city administration. We need a strong Mayor who will not make empty promises he can't keep. We need a leader who will actually support our police officers and not put them in jeopardy. Manny Gonzales is the right choice to make our city safe and improve our quality of life." 

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Cecilia's Cafe Endorsement
Vince Harrison Sr.
Retired APD Police Officer

"I have known Manny Gonzales for many years as a law enforcement officer and in the private sector. Manny is a man of integrity and says what he means, and means what he says. He is the right candidate to bring businesses to Albuquerque and make our community a safe place to live. Manny has continued to set the standard high and as a former Marine, knows what integrity, honesty and public service truly mean. I look forward to seeing Manny Gonzales elected as our next mayor."  - Vince Harrison Sr. Retired APD Police Officer

Brad Winter 
Former City Councilor and Secretary of State

"Sheriff Manny Gonzales has earned a reputation as being an honest, tough-on-­crime lawman. He's born and raised in Albuquerque and honorably served in the Marine Corps. For Manny, it has always been about serving his fellow citizens. Manny is exactly the type of leader we need right now in Albuquerque and I'm proud to endorse him for Mayor." 

Sander Rue 
Former State Senator

"Sheriff Manny Gonzales will fight to end 
'Catch and Release' to make our streets safer. Manny is a leader who will always listen to constituents and put people ahead of politics. I strongly endorse Manny Gonzales for Mayor." 
~ Sander Rue, Former State Senator 

Ron & Beth Paiz 
Retired APD Command Staff 

"Having served our city collectively for more than 50 years, it pains us to see how the politically motivated policies of the Keller administration have failed our brothers and sisters in blue. Our beautiful city has turned into a shell of its former self due to the outrageous criminal element which has taken over and victimized so many of our friends and neighbors. Manny doesn't share the same political affiliation as we do, but we vote based on the person and not on the party. As Mayor, Manny will do what is needed to make Albuquerque safe for all its citizens." 
~ Ron & Beth Paiz, Retired APD Command Staff 

RuDawg K9 Services Endorsement