Economy and Jobs:  Manny understands that local small businesses are the heart and soul of our economy. Manny’s family started and ran a successful small business in Albuquerque and he understands what it takes to create jobs. Rather than focusing all his attention on creating sweetheart deals for powerful corporations like the current administration. Manny will help small businesses grow and succeed in our city.  

  • Businesses will go where they are welcome and stay where they are appreciated. Politics, high taxes, unnecessary regulations, and government red-tape are holding back our local economy and killing jobs. We must enact business-friendly policies and eliminate the barriers that prevent more small businesses from growing and creating more jobs.


  • Crime and public safety play a key role in economic development.  Local businesses are unable to grow when they are constantly being victimized by crime and other businesses will look to locate to safer locations elsewhere.


  • We must ensure that our commercial hubs around the city are safe and vibrant zones that are exciting to visit.


  • Promoting partnerships between businesses and schools are important, so students can learn critical job skills that put them on a path to successful career opportunities.


  • Free enterprise is the key to unlocking our potential.  With the right ambition, our community members should have the freedom and support to start a business, invest in business partnerships, or simply help the grassroots economy by supporting a local business and incentivizing doing business in Albuquerque.