Four years ago, Mayor Keller said it was the responsibility of the mayor to fight crime and promised voters that he would solve the crime problem. He has failed miserably, as our crime rate is now nearly four times the national average and the homicide rate has doubled. Manny understands that the solution to crime is a strong economy and adequate social services.


​As Sheriff, Manny has earned a reputation as a well-respected law enforcement professional, and he will make fighting crime in Albuquerque his top priority. We do need reform in Albuquerque, but it isn’t the kind of “reform” being pushed by ideologues like Mayor Keller and his allies.   


  • End Sanctuary City Law for Illegal Immigrants who Commit Crimes.  Mayor Keller instituted a sanctuary city policy for illegal immigrants who commit crimes, so that the authorities are not allowed to check the immigration status of a criminal arrested even for violent crimes. Manny Gonzales will end this policy, so that illegal immigrants who commit crimes are no longer released back onto the streets without federal authorities having the opportunity to detain them for deportation. 

  • End Catch and Release – Mayor Keller supports the current catch and release system that allows criminals to be turned right back onto the streets after committing crimes. Manny Gonzales will fight to end that catch and release system. 

  • Allow Police Officers to do their Jobs.  The reality is that the leadership at the city level has effectively handcuffed police officers who now complain that the current leadership has made it impossible for them to do their job.  A revamping of APD leadership, culture, and policies is required for APD to do the job they were hired to do, which is to enforce the laws and protect the citizens. No more excuses.​

  • Manny will eliminate the unnecessary and restrictive policies that prevent officers from doing their jobs and work to get out from under the DOJ consent decree.  In 2019, KOAT examined every department under the Department of Justice consent decree since 2010.  They compared violent crime statistics from 2 years prior to 2 years after the consent decree took hold.  The study found that cities with a population over 50,000 people saw a double digit increase in violent crimes.  Albuquerque saw a 36 percent increase.  In 2020 alone, the homicide rate saw a 100 percent increase.  The Federal monitor has indicated that compliance can be reached in a couple of years when done right – it requires a mayor who actually wants to get out from under the DOJ consent decree.​

  • Get More Officers on the Street and Promote Proactive Policing. Currently, APD has more officers investigating their own police officers than investigating homicides.  In fact, there are over 60 officers tasked with monitoring “compliance” with new regulations. Manny Gonzales will ensure we maintain police accountability, while putting more police officers on the streets to fight crime.

  • Attract and Retain the Best Police Officers by Depoliticizing the Police Department.  Mayor Keller has politicized the police department, and this has led to poor morale within the police department and difficulty in attracting and retaining police officers. The worst kept secret in the city is that the police department is managed by political appointees within the mayor’s office. Manny Gonzales will ensure the police department is managed by a professional law enforcement officer with a merit-based approach to hiring and promotions.